Translation, localization,
a pinch of magic

Our experts will help you communicate with your global audience, while
carefully conveying and preserving the values of your brand.

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Your content is gold

Tailored approach, professionalism, humanity

Emotions matter to us, as much as semantics. We treat your content with utmost care and professionalism, making sure that meaning, voice, and tone are completely preserved.

Our Team and Expertise

We’re a team of professionals specializing in content translation and localization.
We love our craft, know our tools, and approach every task with care and diligence.


Localization of the UI, app, and website texts. We take into account technical nuances, industry standards, and linguistic requirements.


Your source content becomes our guide in helping us create a new language version of advertising or marketing texts. Our thorough and creative approach results in content that better reflects culture and mentality of your target audience.


Analysis articles, news reports, blog or social network posts, and even "long reads". Together we’ll work on a brief to define the subject matter and format that fits your needs. And then we’ll get it done for you. In multiple languages, if required.

Marketing collateral

We translate and localize advertising leaflets, brochures, presentations, sales reports, and other printed and electronic marketing documents. And then our editors buff and shine the result until it sparkles!


We’ll help you approach translation and localization in the right way from the start. Want us to analyse what your competitors are doing in another language? Not sure about the style and voice that best fits your product and target audience? Let’s talk! We know our stuff.

Full cycle

We’ll organize everything – from preparing the text for translation to linguistic testing of your content by in-country SMEs. You concentrate on your product and services, we take care of all the content.

Creativity vs Conveyor Belt

We value our employees as much as our clients

Working with us means working with real people. There are no conveyor belts or faceless resources. Our teams are tailored for each client based on their industry. And we are more than happy to introduce our employees. We believe that only real people can make a real difference.


Our Work Ethic

We pride ourselves on being good listeners, sharing the values
of our clients, and learning everything we can about their business.
We believe that high-quality output is a result of high-quality communication between our clients and us.
Plus we have a few simple principles that we strictly adhere to:


Our team is made up of trusted translation and copywriting experts. They love their craft and know everything about available instruments and technologies.


All Traditori processes are created to be crystal clear. Our pricing is transparent, and you have full access to all of the people working on your task.


Our employees matter, so we reimburse our translators and editors accordingly. Yet our prices are very competitive. Our secret? Removing all of the organizational costs and barriers.